Concert no 12

Rio - Tel Aviv

Day: 4 October, 2023
Time: 21:00
Location: גינת טריגובוף

An Insight into Rio - Tel Aviv Concert

After gracing the world's biggest stages for many years, they finally settled down to play together, and everything fell into place: Yorai brought the jazz,Joca infused Brazilian grooves, Salit added Middle Eastern touches, and Marcelo completed the ensemble with virtuoso guitar.

The melting pot of styles and the unique sound created by this combination of four exceptional musicians has resulted in a performance that is moving, intelligent, and joyful. Filled with original pieces that journey along the Tel Aviv-Rio axis, this concert promises a unique experience that crosses cultures and musical genres.

Concert Duration: Approximately 75 minutes, without intermission.

The Performers

Quatrio Ensemble:
Salit Lahav - Flute, Saxophone, & Accordion.
Marcelo Nami - Guitars
Yorai Oron - Bass
Joca Perpignan - Percussion & Vocals


Price: 130 NIS
Price: 130 NIS

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