Concert no 7

The Forgotten Treasure

Day: 4 October, 2023
Time: 14:00
Location: אולם לאה רבין

An Insight into The Forgotten Treasure Concert

An Insight into the concert - "The Forgotten Treasure" - Celebrating the Artistry of Voice Legend, Marco Beasley Prepare to be transported to the enchanting world of Italian Renaissance music as we proudly present the extraordinary talent of Marco Beasley. Renowned for his mesmerizing voice and captivating charisma, Beasley takes center stage, breathing life into frottolas and madrigals laden with elegantly rendered despair that once entranced the courtiers of the sixteenth century.
Joining Beasley on this passionate journey through time is the virtuoso string wizard, Franco Pavan

In 2021, Pavan personally unearthed hidden gems from the Albani family archives, ensuring that these treasured compositions see the light of day once again.

From the very first modern performance of Bartolomeo Gazza's evocative melodies to the profound works of Bartolomeo Tromboncino and Philippe Verdelot, this concert promises an unforgettable fusion of passion and despair. Brace yourself for an evening of soul-stirring melodies that will leave you spellbound.

Concert Duration: Approximately 75 minutes, without intermission.

The Performers

Due Radici
Marco Beasley - Tenor (Italy)
Franco Pavan - Lute (Italy)


Price: 180 NIS
Price: 180 NIS

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