Concert no 6

Memories from New Orleans

Day: 3 October, 2023
Time: 21:00
Location: גינת טריגובוף

An Insight into Memories from New Orleans Concert

Eli and the Chocolate Factory is a leading classic jazz band in Israel. The six-member ensemble began their journey with live and energetic street performances in Tel Aviv and small swing parties. Since then, under the leadership of trumpeter Eli Preminger, they have graced major stages across the country, including the Israel Festival and Tel Aviv Museum.

The band performs annually at the New Orleans Festival in Tel Aviv and has collaborated with key international artists, including clarinetist Michael White. The band brings to the stage the well-known and appreciated sound of New Orleans from the 1920s, inspired by Armstrong and Ellington, and even Latin rhythms from Cuba and the Caribbean.

Expect a fiery and uplifting evening!

Concert Duration: Approximately 75 minutes, without intermission.

The Performers

Eli Preminger - Trumpet
Amnon Ben Artzi - Trombone
Ilan Smilan - Banjo
Tal Kuhn - Double Bass
Rani Birenboim - Drums
Guest Player - Jess Koren - Saxophone


Price: 130 NIS
Price: 130 NIS

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