About Us

The Abu Gosh Festival in Tel Aviv, founded by Gershon Cohen, is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

“An oasis of harmony, culture, and musical excellence.”

The Festival

We, the management and production team of the Abu Gosh Music Festival, are proud to uphold a grand tradition that began in 1957.

The Abu Gosh Festival has always been an oasis of harmony, culture, and musical excellence.

Around four years ago, the longstanding festival administration, Mr. Gershon Cohen and the musical director Mrs. Hanna Tzur, entrusted the festival’s management to three musicians who grew from within the festival and have performed there every year for nearly three decades:

Amit Tiefenbrun, the musical director, viola da gamba player, and founder of Barrocade Orchestra.
Alon Harari, festival producer and countertenor singer.
Yeela Avital, soprano singer.

We extend our special thanks to the chairman of the association, Mr. Eran Ovadia, and the public committee member, Mrs.Nomi Eschar, for their volunteerism, endless investment, involvement, and support.

Festival Association Members

Eran Ovadia – Chairman, Nomi Eschar – Board Member, Oded Solomon – Board Member

Gadi Teferson, Ruth Hen Levin, Rona Amibar, Sigal Yaari, Dana Ginossar

Ticket Sales Office: Smarticket
Accountant: Eran Golani
Festival Volunteer Team: Nomi Eschar

The Abu Gosh Festival in Tel Aviv, founded by Gershon Cohen, is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sport

Yitzhak Rabin Center

You’re invited to a captivating journey through the pages of history at the Israeli Museum in the Yitzhak Rabin Center!

From the small stories that grew to shape the state of Israel, to the grand narratives that have moved us all, this is an immersion into our shared past.

This is a tale of dreams realized, of building and creation, of divisions and decisions, of rupture and hope. It’s a story of our collective aspiration for a more unified future.

Festival Team

The Foundation Manager – Gabriela Hecht
Musical Director: Amit Tiefenbrun
Chief Producer: Alon Harari
Management and Production: Yeela Avital
Public Relations and Donor Relations Management: Yeela Avital

Website Design & Development: Gena Tatur

Program Content Writing and Linguistic Editing: Tsili Rodik
English Translation: Barry Meislin, Tessa Snitcher, Alon Harari

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