Garden Grooves

Amidst the ancient eucalyptus trees in the Rabin Center courtyard, as the evening hours unfold, a new series of performances is born. Experience unique ensembles, a vibrant atmosphere, and an abundance of good spirits

Prepare to be swept away on an unparalleled musical adventure as we present our extraordinary concert series in Triguboff Garden, part of the Abu Gosh Music Festival in Tel Aviv.

Over three magical nights, indulge in a fusion of diverse genres set against the picturesque backdrop of our enchanting garden.

Surrender to the allure of Triguboff Garden – where we’ll dance under the stars, delight in exquisite wines and craft beers, and be surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of this magical oasis.

Each concert promises a captivating experience – jazz, blues, chansons, and the vibrant rhythms of Brazil and Latin America will lure you into losing yourself in the music!

Join us for an exceptional journey through a rich tapestry of music and culture, where joy knows no bounds and the night sky becomes our captivating ceiling. Secure your tickets now for this unforgettable musical odyssey!

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